An innovative technology that facilitates wound healing progression

The importance of balancing wound hydration in promoting healing has been documented by many clinical studies since the seminal work of George Winter in the early 1960. Preventing wound breakdown, decreased risk of infection and reduced scarring are clinical outcomes that can be achieved with good wound management & the correct dressing regime. Today, advanced wound care dressings are growing in importance, especially those that actively play a part in increasing growth factors to enhance wound re epithelialisation.

One such dressing that has been developed with this in mind is Hydro Tac®. What makes Hydro Tac® so unique?The dressing contains a hydrogel contact layer that provides moist wound healing, while at the same time increasing growth factors concentration to accelerate healing. Moreover, Hydro Tac® is a foam dressing with an air permeable, waterproof and bacterial resistant outer layer made of polyurethane. HydroTac® can absorb wound exudate and release moisture (even when applied to dry wounds) which has a stimulating effect on wound healing. The gel on the wound contact layer prevents the dressing from adhering to the wound. It can be removed almost painlessly without leaving any residue. Hydro Tac® is suitable for the treatment of light to moderate exuding wounds, during the granulating and epithelialisation phases.