Continence Management

Health+ HARTMANN's Online Ordering Management System

HILMAS Woman in front of computer
Health+ is a web-based software solution making continence management easier through automated ordering, cost control and optimised product use.

Health+ operates according to the areas outlined below:

Resident Continence Management

  • Resident details can be stored
  • All HARTMANN product information can be easily viewed when allocating products
  • Optimal product allocation assists to reduce costs without decreasing care
  • Printed wardrobe cards display products allocated as well as toileting times

Automated Ordering

  • Optimal order quantities are calculated and an order proposal is generated
  • Management can check and approve orders before submission
  • Orders are transmitted online directly to HARTMANN
  • Easy tracking of orders placed or to be processed

Budget Monitoring

  • Expected daily, month and yearly costs are monitored at facility and group level
  • Planned and actual costs can be compared
  • Cost reports are produced by ward, product, incontinent resident or day be
  • Individual sites can be benchmarked and compared.