Our values

Our vision for the business is underpinned by a strong set of values

Our purpose is to improve outcomes for professionals, caregivers and patients.

We do this by constantly looking for ways to deliver smart, outcome-focused solutions and improved experiences in both the professional sector and at home.

This will ensure we reach our vision

That is to continue playing a leading role in the global healthcare market and a driving force to constantly advance healthcare for all. To guide us towards our vision, we follow three core values.


HARTMANN our values doctor senior

Everything we do creates value for our customers and HARTMANN.

Passionate Team

We are one visionary team, living trust and respect by example.

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High Performance

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We act as entrepreneurs driven by THE Common Goal – to outperform competition and take market leadership.

This is how we help, care and protect

What does that mean in practice?

Continence Management: Transforming Quality of Life

We help, care and protect by:

  • Providing a secure feeling and improving the quality of life for those living with incontinence
  • Developing future-minded solutions that allow people to live with quality of life
  • Developing future-minded solutions that provide healthcare professionals with higher quality and cost efficiency
  • Using technology to fulfil the highest demands in reliability and efficacy

Wound Management: With 200 Years of Experience

We help, care and protect by:

  • Developing easier and faster wound healing products
  • Bringing simplicity to people’s lives
  • Combining clinical efficacy and comfort
  • Providing innovative as well as economic solutions
  • Excelling in everything from faster cleansing and tissue build-up to wound closure