Difference-between-incontinence-pads-and-sanitary-pads Difference-between-incontinence-pads-and-sanitary-pads

What is the difference between incontinence pads and sanitary pads?

Why women and men often use sanitary pads for incontinence?

The use of sanitary napkins during menstruation is familiar to most women - and the products have proven themselves over the years. If a slight bladder weakness suddenly occurs, it makes sense to first consider using normal panty liners in these cases as well.

At first glance, it seems to make sense to use sanitary towels instead of incontinence pads: for many women it has been a decades-long routine to buy and use panty liners. And men too often find themselves in the situation of buying sanitary towels for their partners. You are already familiar with this product - unlike with incontinence products. In addition, those affected may feel a sense of shame when urinary or faecal incontinence occurs, which is why they shy away from buying appropriate incontinence aids. So, it stands to reason that those affected use feminine hygiene products. But it is important to know that incontinence pads can meet your needs much better than panty liners - and save money in the long term.

Why panty liners are not suitable for incontinence?

At first glance, pads are cheaper than special incontinence pads. However, they are only intended to absorb menstrual bleeding. This is discharged more slowly and in smaller amounts than urine. In addition, blood is thicker than urine. Conventional panty liners can therefore not absorb the amount of urine and must be changed much more frequently than liners, which have higher absorbency levels than sanitary towels.

HARTMANN specialists explain it as follows: “Sanitary towels can be used with heavy menstruation, but the pads usually only contain cellulose and little superabsorbent polymers (or SAP for short). Since menstrual blood coagulates, it easily sticks to the fibres or pulp of the insert. This is not the case with urine. For example, a sanitary napkin usually does not keep the skin dry and odour can form. This makes sanitary towels very expensive because they quickly stop absorbing liquid and have to be changed 10 or more times a day. "

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Further advantages of incontinence pads

If incontinence is not handled properly, many long-term health risks may be experienced for those affected: from skin irritation and pressure points to urinary tract infections and kidney disease. This makes it even more important to use the right products for symptoms of bladder weakness.

Incontinence products are specially designed to absorb fast-flowing urine. They consist of a highly absorbent polymer that keeps moisture away from the skin and ensures that it not only stays dry, but also remains odour-free. MoliCare® products from HARTMANN also neutralise acidic urine, which can cause skin irritation and rashes, to a skin-friendly pH level of 4.5 to 5.5.

Confidence through discreet protection

High-quality incontinence pads offer moresecurity and protectionin the long term,high wearing comfort- and thus moreself-confidence. Wearing an incontinence product does not have to be a negative experience!

There are products that adapt specifically to the male and female body, offer discreet protection and do not show up under clothing. They also offer optimal comfort and absorbency. As a leading specialist in medical devices and hygiene, MoliCare® offers a large selection of different incontinence products for your needs.

Protection every day with MoliCare® incontinence products

With incontinence pads, you can work, be active and sleep easily without having to worry about proper protection. If you would like to use products specially developed for incontinence you could ask for them in a local pharmacy, or you can order MoliCare® products online at any time. Depending on the severity, type and frequency of incontinence, as well as personal preference and fit, MoliCare® offers the following options:

  • If you prefer products that are like sanitary napkins, we recommend the anatomically shaped MoliCare® Premium Lady Pad and MoliCare® Premium MEN Pads, which are worn in normal underwear and held in place with an adhesive strip. They are available in different absorbencies to meet different requirements.
  • In addition to the pads, there are also the anatomically shaped disposable MoliCare® Premium Lady pants and MoliCare® Premium MEN pants, which are particularly easy to use because they are worn like regular underwear. They are also available in different absorbency levels and sizes.