Celebrating 40 years of reliable incontinence protection.

MoliCare®, your trusted partner for incontinence

Through extensive research, HARTMANN has strived to enhance the lives of all those affected by incontinence: users, caregiving relatives and professional caregivers. Over the years, we have successfully achieved this with the introduction of MoliCare® Premium Mobile, Lady and Men
Pants and Pads, and MoliCare® Premium Elastic.

Innovating for the future

SkinguardTM absorbent core technology

In 2023, we unveiled our most advanced, Molicare SkinguardTM superior absorbent core technology in the MoliCare® Premium Elastic range.

Today, in addition to improving the effectiveness of our products, we're also working hard to reduce their impact on the environment while maintaining their performance. This holistic approach ensures that we take care of what matters for our customers, as well as for their friends, families and the medical staff dedicated to their care.

MoliCare Skinguard

Let's talk about continence!

Incontinence continues to be a taboo topic although 7 in 10 people say that more education on urinary incontinence is needed1.For the World Continence Week, the medical expert advisors behind MoliCare® will shed some light on the topic by answering the most frequently asked questions.
Why wear incontinence protection?
Don't let even occasional urinary leaks cause discomfort and disrupt your life with unwanted odours and dampness. Unlike everyday pads and sanitary towels, our specialised products for urinary or faecal leaks are designed to keep your skin irritation-free. They're discreet, tailored to fit anyone's anatomy and provide superior absorption to prevent leaks and odours. You can say goodbye to worries about leaks and odours, and say hello to restored confidence and peace of mind. Get ready to live life to the full!
What is the right protection for you?
Are you struggling with urinary leaks and not sure which type of protection to choose? Keep in mind that several factors come into play when selecting the right fit, such as size, weight, gender, amount and frequency of leaks, as well as levels of mobility and autonomy. Wearing a product that is too big, too small or not absorbent enough wont give you the desired level of comfort and confidence. To help you find the right fit, we ve designed a quick and easy test that will guide you to the most suitable solution in just a few minutes!
Why should I choose MoliCare® products?
At MoliCare®, we focus on what really matters. Our products provide optimal leakage protection, prevent skin irritation and keep skin healthy, helping people with incontinence to regain their confidence and live life to the fullest. Our products are also designed to assist professional caregivers in their everyday work. We use proven technology to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and effectiveness.
What exactly is incontinence?

The ability to voluntarily control the emptying of the bladder (micturition) can get disrupted at various stages in life, and can become particularly problematic in old age. As a result, incontinence often develops in people aged 65 and over.

However, bladder weakness , as incontinence is commonly referred to, can occur in people of any age. Women are more frequently affected by urinary incontinence compared to men, and leakage due to physical exertion, or stress incontinence, affects about three times as many women as men. Pregnancy can also trigger temporary or long-term bladder weakness.

Why should I choose MoliCare® Skin Care?
MoliCare® Skin is a specialised line of medical skin care products designed for people with incontinence-affected skin. Each ingredient is carefully selected based on the latest dermatological research. MoliCare® Skin products have a skin-friendly, pH-balanced formula, to clean, protect and care for skin stressed by incontinence.