The seamless knitted tubular bandage for universal use
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Seamless; knitted tubular bandage with high two-way stretch; easy to apply without additional fixation; can be cut anywhere without fraying or mesh run; fits perfectly without sliping; thanks to its closed-work surface it does not loosen even under mechanical stress; thus reliably protecting wounds or sensitive skin areas; it is absorbent; permeable to air and may be sterilized (by autoclaving at 134 °C); available in rolls and in ready-for-use versions.

70 % viscose
30 % cotton

Stülpa® Ready-for-Use Bandages

Pour fixer les pansements dans la plupart des cas, il existe des bandages prêts à l'emploi, ils sont coupés à la taille voulue, attachés à une extrémité et roulés pour une utilisation immédiate.

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For dressing retention on all parts of the body; immobilization (Desault ' s bandage) and extension bandages; lining or covering for zinc paste and plaster of Paris bandages; cushioned trunk bandages; covering splints and undercast padding.

Size table:
Size 0 = for toes and children ' s fingers
Size 1 = for fingers
Size 2 = for arms and children ' s legs
Size 3 = for feet and legs; children ' s head and axillae
Size 4 = for head and legs; axillae; face-masks
Size 5 = for children ' s trunk; extension bandages; head; thighs and axillae
Size 6 = for children ' s trunk and thighs
Size 7 = for Desault ' s bandage; trunk and oversized thigh bandages
Size 8 = for Desault ' s and trunk bandages