Foliodrape® Extremity Drapes

Foliodrape attaches to the patient easily and firmly, and remains in place throughout the entire surgery. No re-draping is necessary.

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Foliodrape® Extremity drapes consist of a variety of products and materials: different layers of nonwoven material laminated with Polyethylene-film (PE) that are available in different designs, sizes and for different applications. They are single-use sterile patient drapes for short-term use for prevention of infection on humans in clinical environment. Foliodrape® patient drapes and covers are intended to be used as sterile draping of the patient and as dedicated inventory in operating theatres and all other surgical environments (e.g. day surgery, ambulance, doctor’s surgery). The main task of drapes consists of the prevention of pathogen entry into the surgical wound. Consequently, the risks of infections and blood-borne diseases are reduced. The Foliodrape® products are placed on the market sterile and are in Medical Device Class I.


For sterile draping of the patient in surgery of the extremities, e.g. knee operations.