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Twenty years of HARTMANN Asia Pacific


"We strive for more effective, cost efficient and less complex wound treatment solutions. That is all that matters to patients, professionals and healthcare systems!"

HARTMANN Asia Pasific team at twentieth anniversary

HARTMANN Asia Pasific celebrated its 20th anniversary in Hong Kong and Macau last week. Although we are present across the region, we decided to choose a location in Hong Kong, as Hong Kong and Macau were where we started.

We celebrated the anniversary with our customers at Intercontinental Hong Kong, with a wonderful view over the bay. Healthcare professionals from various areas of work, including wound care, incontinence, primary health care and risk prevention also joined our celebration of 20th year in the region.

The 20th anniversary was, of course, the main focus of the evening. But it was also an opportunity to talk about how HARTMANN goes further for health. After a short introduction from Jerome Besnard, HARTMANN Asia Pasific’s Managing Director, Claudia Brueckner-Boldt, the Regional Manager of Region 6, made an inspirational speech about how our solutions help healthcare practitioners really make a difference… Then the Deputy Consul General of the German Consulate in Hong Kong kindly said a few words. Finally, before the traditional toasts, Andreas Joehle was our special long-distance guest. By video, he gave us all very encouraging words for the future.

Gift package – going further for health

Andreas Joehle

„Healthcare systems need new visions. Let’s look for them together“

The next opportunity to gather our key customers together in the region will be the 200th anniversary of HARTMANN GROUP, in 2018. Our ambition is to expand in the region and have the honour of welcoming new customers who will go further for health with us. We have two years to make it happen!