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What is HomeDelivery360?

HomeDelivery360 is the name of our full-service provision package for continence management healthcare and care home services. HomeDelivery360 has completely transform the running of continence management healthcare and care home services. HomeDelivery360 formed to meet the needs of the ever-changing NHS, meeting individual service needs, and fulfilling patient expectations.

Our HomeDelivery360 package provides a comprehensive range of services fully adapted to meet the needs of your incontinence healthcare service and NHS organisation or care home. Our 360-all-round inclusive offer ensures we cover a ‘no gap’ diamond service designed to fulfil your bespoke service requirements.

Benefits of introducing HomeDelivery360 to your continence healthcare service

Patient Care – our top priority

Our MoliCare® range of high-quality, disposable continence care products cater to all levels and incontinence types to meet all clinical needs. To explore or purchase our MoliCare® product range, please click here to visit our subsidiary website, HARTMANN Direct.

Logistics – hassle-free product delivery you can trust

Our HomeDelivery360 offer brings complete logistic support for hassle-free, guaranteed on-time product delivery to your patients. Through direct, discreet, and in-house delivery, both you and your patient will have complete peace of mind products will be available when needed.

Your patient has the flexibility to activate their incontinence order whichever way is most convenient to them, via telephone or online.

Our mission is to ensure your patients receive their incontinence products in time for when they need them. We have a proven track record of excellent delivery performance, consistent in providing reliable delivery to all stakeholders.

Training – online training and face to face training to build continence management expertise

We believe strongly in education both internally to ensure a highly-skilled workforce supports you and the provision of high-quality training and education for you and your healthcare service.

Our clinical resources, training, and development offers nurses the ability to assist continuous professional development, empowering them to meet NMC revalidation requirements. We offer highly specialised clinical training to all customers. We are here to help you address your current team training gap and maintain an advanced, trained, and skilled workforce. Our training offer is flexible to meet your bespoke needs and allows you to reduce the number of hours you dedicate to provide training.

Clinical Support – expert support from our in-house Clinical Partnership Team

Working in partnership with you, we will enhance patient care while achieving quality and cost-saving efficiencies. We are also here to assist and support your healthcare service or care home to achieve CQC standards. We will help you achieve this through a patient care audit and identifying training needs throughout your organisation or care home.

Customer savings

Previous customer results through HomeDelivery360

100% data accuracy to reduce fraud cases1

£93,000 saved in product and carriage costs1

£38,500 saved in personnel costs2

40 minutes clinical time saved every day (band 5 nurse time)1

ALiGN and Clarity: combining forces to offer intelligent patient data management and reporting 

Patient Data Management and Customised Reporting – smart software to help you manage your patient or resident data, and advanced reporting tools to plan.

Our intelligent software will help you manage your patient data and provide advanced reporting to support your incontinence service planning. Together we will produce meaningful and relevant reports on your healthcare or care home service and generate customised reports to increase your service performance.

Patient data management delivered by ALiGN, our unique advanced Patient Data Management solution. You can read more on our stand-alone ALiGN package here.

Customised reporting delivered by Clarity, our decision-driving dashboard designed to make complex data simple and shine a light on all areas of your service you may be in the dark about. You can read more on our stand-alone Clarity package here.

Our technology solutions ALiGN and Clarity will work together to complete your HomeDelivery360 package. ALiGN will capture and update patient and resident data more accurately, performing change requests with ease and ensuring you’re always working with the most updated patient and resident data. At the same time, Clarity will empower you to take control of budget management and resource forecasting through accurate reporting. Our HomeDelivery360 package will equip you with the tools you need to build robust business cases for future incontinence services enhancements and provide a clear picture of service functionality.

Looking after your personal data is important to us. Please read our Privacy Policy where you can find detailed information on how we protect and use personal data. We might share your personal information with a responsible employee in the relevant country within the HARTMANN GROUP. Your personal data will never be transferred to any third parties outside the HARTMANN Group.


1.HARTMANN Data on file, 2. HARTMANN Data on file. (case study with annual budget of approximately 1.8 million)

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