Calcium-alginate dressing with excellent conformability
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Sorbalgon is made from calcium alginate fibres which form a hydrophilic non-adherent gel when in contact with sodium salts contained in blood and wound exudate. The gel-forming properties promote a moist wound healing environment without any occlusive effect.


Sorbalgon® is suitable for the treatment of moderate to highly exuding wounds. It is suitable for wound cleansing and for promoting tissue formation in superficial and deep wounds. Sorbalgon T is available for deep wounds and fistula. Due to its suppleness and high conformability, Sorbalgon® is ideal for use on pain sensitive patients and difficult to dress areas of the body.

In the case of dry wounds or wounds with black necrotic tissue, there may be insufficient natural moisture to induce complete transformation of the fibres and a different dressing type may be more appropriate. Can be moistened with saline or ringers solution.