Wound Management

Successful healing from small cuts to postoperative wound care

At HARTMANN, healthcare professionals are our partners in making complete wound healing a reality for everyone. Today we address wound-related healthcare challenges with proven, simple and cost-effective products and services.



Our wound management treatments result from more than 200 years of medical experience, ensuring effective and scientifically verified solutions.



In medical practice, easy-to-use solutions are critical for successful wound healing. That is why our expertly designed products are tested to ensure simple handling and usage.



To make complete wound healing accessible for everyone, we have designed a range with outstanding and proven value to fit any need.


HARTMANN is one of the leading providers of wound treatment solutions for patients and healthcare professionals around the world. Wound dressings have been at the heart of HARTMANN since the beginning. Quality and reliability are parts of our DNA and our German heritage. Our international research ensures that we keep track of and can respond to future professional needs around the globe.