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Zetuvit Plus

Super absorber suitable for high exudate

Zetuvit Plus

Zetuvit Plus is a super absorber designed to handle high exudate levels. While our Zetuvit E Sterile and Non-Sterile dressings are suitable for moderate exudate levels.

Perfect for highly exuding wounds

The new and improved Zetuvit Plus continues to outperform
other superabsorbent brands1 in terms of absorbency, fluid
retention, and absorbency under compression2. The blend of cellulose fluff and fluid retaining super absorbent particles (SAP) means that Zetuvit Plus is particularly suitable for the treatment of superficial, heavily exuding, acute and chronic wounds.

Ideal for ensuring patient comfort 

Zetuvit Plus conforms well and offers unrivalled comfort. That’s
what our patients tell us3,6. Its 4-layer design of skin-friendly materials4 gives the dressing a unique softness with an excellent padding effect5.

Kind to budgets too 

When compared to equivalent products, Zetuvit Plus also wins on cost. Its superior absorbency7 means fewer dressing changes – good news for patients, great news for your budgets and time.

Can be used under compression 

In a 50-patient evaluation, in which 26% of wounds were VLUs, Zetuvit Plus was used under compression to treat patients with no adverse effects2 or reduction in the effectiveness of the compression reported2.

In all cases, Zetuvit Plus was rated as superior to previously used products (predominantly foams)2. Zetuvit Plus also achieved a rating of “Very Good/Good” in 96% of cases, about: wound exudate handling properties, improving wound healing, reducing damage to peri-wound skin and enhancing the status of peri-wound skin2.

Zetuvit Plus Sizing

Dressing SizeDressings Per PackHARTMANN CodePIP CodeNPC Code
10 x 10cm10413 710356 7351EME046
10 x 20cm10413 711356 7385EME047
15 x 20cm10413 712356 7369EME048
 20 x 25cm10413 713356 7393EME049
 20cm x 40cm10 413 715356 7377EME128

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