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Atrauman® Ag

When you need a silver containing wound contact layer

Atrauman® has been helping to improve patients' lives since 1998, providing atraumatic protection both clinicians and patients love and trust. That's why Atrauman® is listed on the majority of formularies1 and is the most widely used wound contact layer in the UK2.

Atrauman® – When you simply need a wound contact layer

Atrauman Ag® – When you need a silver containing wound contact layer

Atrauman Silicone® – When you need an especially gentle touch


You could support painless dressing changes [4,7,8]

You could care for the surrounding skin and protect the wound from maceration effects [4,8]

"This is a great product of choice due to the non-adherent contact layer and added silver to perform two roles in one."

Alison Schofield Tissue Viability Nurse [9]

Atrauman® Ag Sizing

Dressing SizeDressings Per PackHARTMANN CodePIP CodeNPC Code
5 x 5cm10499 571321 4533EKB039
10 x 10cm10499 573321 4541EKB040
10 x 20cm10499 575321 4517EKB041

The Atrauman Family of products

Always there with a comforting touch.

The Atrauman® Family are HARTMANN’s wound contact layers for various wound types, providing the perfect solution for every requirement. Always there with a comforting touch.

Atrauman® – When you need a wound contact layer

Atrauman® Ag – When you need a silver containing wound contact layer

Atrauman®Silicone – When you need an extra level of care

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