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Working with the NHS spine record to improve data accuracy


Fraud is costing the NHS a staggering one billion pounds per year. At HARTMANN our mission is “Going further for Health”, and we are continually developing ways of supporting the NHS and providing optimum patient-centred care.

HARTMANN offer an exclusive solution called ‘ALiGN’, that is part of our patient data management system. It cross checks details against the patients NHS spine database, improving data accuracy and ultimately helping you prevent fraud.

The ALiGN technology is simple, it cleanses your patient database, removing patients who have left the area or have passed away, leaving you with an active patient list. This then prevents deliveries of products to deceased patients or patients who have moved, saving you time and money – and ultimately preventing fraud as well!

Using ALiGN will help you to:

  • Reduce fraud
  • Save costs
  • Release clinical time
  • Improve accuracy of reporting
  • Achieve NHS targets
  • Track, change and monitor all patient movements

To find out more how ALiGN could help you reduce fraud and drive efficiencies, please contact us by email on

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