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Dieter Thierer

Senior Manager Pricing, Site: HARTMANN GROUP, Heidenheim an der Brenz

"I work in the field service as a sales representative for institutional care, this means I attend to nursing homes. My territory comprises the administrative district of Heidenheim and all adjoining districts.

I completed an internship as an industrial clerk while I was still at school. During this time, I found out that this profession appealed to me. Furthermore, I enjoy working with people and wanted to get to know and understand the processes and connections of an industrial company. After completing my education at the secondary modern school with an occupation orientation phase, I decided to train as an industrial clerk. I became aware of PAUL HARTMANN AG from the local press. In addition, a friend of mine started vocational training at HARTMANN one year before I started and always told me positive things about his training.

My training at HARTMANN began on 15 August 1994 with an introductory week, in which I got to know the other apprentices and gained a rough overview of the company. I got to know a lot of departments and divisions at HARTMANN during my training. This helped me to understand the linear connections of a large company. The contacts I established during the training period still help me today to really feel at home in the company."