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At HARTMANN you get to make a difference. Our healthcare products and solutions make an impact in millions of people’s lives around the world on a daily basis – in hospitals, in clinics, and at home. People are amazing and we believe that health can empower people to make a positive difference in the world. We believe this is something worth going further for.

We have 200 years of history filled with stable growth and innovations that have always pushed healthcare forward. This solid heritage is balanced by a passion to push forward and challenge convention. We simply want to go further.

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With people in mind

People are at the heart of our business. That people focus is strong also on the inside of HARTMANN. This is a place where you will always get a smile and a “hello” in the hallways and where you will develop real relationships with your colleagues around the world. We truly care for each other, which is a real benefit for team and project work.

We take Leadership seriously. HARTMANN leaders are expected to inspire, develop, and empower teams. Leadership is not limited to managerial positions, however. Everybody is expected to show Leadership in their tasks and in their thinking. You are also expected to take Accountability for your actions, Commit to what you are doing and Execute in order to drive the company forward. We owe the people we work for – patients, carers, and healthcare professionals – that much.

Collaborate to go even further

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Collaboration is in our DNA. It has been since Paul Hartmann himself reached out to healthcare professionals in the 1870s to combine his production know-how with their healthcare knowledge to make surgeries and wound treatments safer and more effective. It continues today through a closely connected global network of employees who work across functions and geographic borders.

Be the driver of your career

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We have big ambitions and we know you do too. That is why we have development and talent management programs in place, but this is also a place where you have to take the initiative. Being a large and growing company with a global presence, we can offer plenty of career opportunities in different functions and countries. All you have to do is grab the opportunity.

HARTMANN is a place where you matter and where you will make a real difference.
HARTMANN is a place where you can go further.

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Start your career with HARTMANN

„To get the best results we place the right people in the right place, locally and internationally.“

We have opportunities for professionals, trainees, interns and apprentices.

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