HARTMANN Sustainability Report 2021

What we have achieved and what lies ahead

An overview: we bring it all together

The 2021 Sustainability Report provides details about our approach and the measures we take to create value for society, to act ethically and use resources responsibly. Learn more here!

Sustainability: an integral part of our business

At HARTMANN, economic success goes hand in hand with progress in social and environmental areas. We are continuously developing our sustainability management. Learn more about how we are achieving this and what the next steps will be.

Fulfilling a promise with every product and solution

We are committed to the quality, safety and environmental compatibility of our products and solutions. We are constantly developing our products and services with our commitment to sustainability in mind. Read more about what we do – from sourcing sustainable materials to e-health and the supply chain.

Clear guidelines for protecting the environment and climate

As a global manufacturing company, we have a corporate obligation to contribute to the protection of natural resources and to minimize the impact of our activities as far as possible. Find out more about HARTMANN's policies on the efficient use of resources.

Health is our focus – also for our employees

We rise to the global and industry-specific challenges. The mental and physical health of our employees is a priority. We believe in a work culture that places people and their management at the center. Learn more about the measures and programs HARTMANN offers for its employees.

Taking responsibility for society

We are involved locally at our sites and support humanitarian projects as well as people in emergency situations. Sometimes we act as a company, but sometimes we also assist our employees in helping. Read about selected projects with which HARTMANN is making a difference.