Registering for myPurchase (Coupa)

Registering for myPurchase (Coupa)

You will receive an email notification with an invitation to connect to the Coupa Supplier Portal, similar to the example below.

Coupa for Suppliers

1. Click the link provided in the email to register. From the registration site, you can also request an invitation.
2. Once you have registered, log in using your credentials.

After logging in, you will see the supplier portal home page. The CSP home page provides a snapshot of your company’s info. Companies searching for potential suppliers on the CSP will see only public profiles.

Coupa Marketing Masters
Default Public ProfileDisplays your company’s public profile
Merge Accounts Allows you to consolidate accounts if you have
more than one on the supplier portal.
Latest CustomersDisplays a list of your current customers.
Icon MenuThe Menu button allows you to navigate within the
icon bellUse the Notification button to set up notification
icon notificationWhen you have a new alert Notifications display in
red with the number of new alerts.
Icon QuestionmarkThe Help button displays the online help and help


The Menu button helps you navigate through the system. From the Menu, you can create invoices, update your company’s profile, and invite additional users to join the CSP.

Coupa Menu Bottom
OrdersThis is where you can find purchase orders sent
by your customers
InvoicesThis is where you create and manage invoices to
send to your customers
CatalogsThis is where you create and manage customer-
specific catalogs
ProfileThis is where you create, modify, and manage
your public and customer-specific profiles, and
manage which remit-to addresses each customer
can use.
AdminThis is where you can manage users, merge
requests, and your remit-to addresses
My AccountThis is where you can manage your person
Log OutUse this to log out of the CSN.


You can view new notifications and make changes to your notifications preferences. Click Notifications > gear icon to access the Notifications Preferences page. Here, you can see the types of notifications you can select from, and how you want to view them, via email or the CSP. If neither is selected, notifications for that item will not be sent.
If you choose not to receive online notifications, you can go to Notifications > See all to view them in your My Notifications page.

Coupa Notifications preferences

CSP Help and Support

For additional information while using the CSP, click Help > Online Help. Here, you will find helpful topics and definitions for using the supplier portal. You can also click. Help > Help Tour to see a quick navigation demo of the supplier portal.

If you require technical assistance, please send an email to

Coupa online help