Custom views

A custom view gives you the ability to create a set of advanced search filters, and save them.

Creating a Custom View

1. Go to the Coupa table you want to set up a custom view for.

2. At the top of the table, click the View dropdown and select Create View.

Custom view

3. In the next screen, specify the settings you want to use for your custom view, including the filtering conditions to use, the columns to include, and the sorting criteria. If you want to build this view off of another view and tweak those settings, use the Start with view option under the General settings. Refer to Custom View Settings, below, for more details.

Coupa new data table view

4. Click Save.

Custom View Settings

Customize these settings when creating or editing a custom view for a Coupa table.

NameThe custom view name, visible from the View dropdown on top of the table.
VisibilityDecide whether this view can be visible to only you or all other Coupa users that can see the main table.
Start with viewUse this option to load another views settings and then tweak them to fit your needs for this view.

All of these conditions: Coupa displays results only for objects that meet all of the conditions you add in this list.

Any of these conditions: Coupa displays results for objects that meet at least one of the conditions you add in this list.

ConditionsCreate conditions based on the data available in Coupa.
Available columnsThis list depends on the table you're working with in Coupa. You can select any of these columns to add into your custom view.
Selected columnsThese are all the columns Coupa displays with this custom view. It displays them, from left to right, in the same order that you set them up here.
Default Sort OrderDescription
Default Sort OrderChoose the column you want results sorted by and whether to sort them in ascending or descending order.