Incontinence Management

Helping people affected by bladder weakness to manage their daily life

As well as producing a broad range of self-care products we offer discretion and practical advice to users.

Taking care of what matters

As a leading manufacturer in its field of expertise, HARTMANN has been providing incontinence products for over 50 years.

Using extensive research, we find holistic solutions that meet individuals’ practical demands, as well as giving them emotional confidence and a secure feeling through our products.

Taking care internationally

HARTMANN provides incontinence products and solutions in over 33 countries around the world.

Taking care discreetly

Millions of people live with urinary incontinence. It can happen to anyone at any age and its impact can be temporary or long-term.

Yet it remains a subject we don’t seem comfortable to talk about; with many people suffering in silence rather than asking for help.

So, as well as developing innovative products and services, we actively look for opportunities to simplify our consumers’ lives.

We provide guidance along the different stages of incontinence as well as psychological support.

Our consumers’ personal wellbeing and quality of life are at the heart of everything we do.

Taking care optimally

Our product ranges provide reliable leakage protection and maintaining healthy skin to enable those suffering from incontinence to live a normal life again.

We are not only using proven technology to fulfil the highest demands in quality, reliability and efficacy but also developing future-minded solutions that provide healthcare professionals with tools which meet their needs to improve their daily work.

Taking care completely

We offer a holistic incontinence management.

The combination of the absorbent products range and Skin products, helps to prevent skin irritations

with products which are able to maintain the acid mantle of the skin through a skin-neutral pH balanced formular.