Mother Regina with two children on her lap vV Mother Regina with two children on her lap vV

To those who give with their entire heart and soul – to take care of others

Our society could not function without family managers. Yet their dedication often goes unacknowledged.

An equality-conscious zeitgeist demands that unpaid work receive the recognition it deserves.

For many people, work doesn’t start until everyone else leaves the house. Or it never ends, because those they love need their attention and care around the clock. Family managers undertake this unpaid work on a weekly - if not daily - basis. They do so with pride, but the work can take its toll.

We met with three family managers who always put their families first and never hesitate to go the extra mile for them. Learn more about the everyday life of Heinrich Trummer, Rahman Abdullah, and Regina Gall, who represent the millions of unsung heroes in our society.

Taking care of someone who can no longer do it themselves

Heinrich Trummer, family manager for his wife and mother-in-law
“Taking care of my wife is a full-time job. You can't miss a beat.” Heinrich Trummer has been caring for his wife, who has multiple sclerosis, for decades. Over the years, the couple has found a way to preserve their own needs and to accept life with all its facets and difficulties.
Family manager Heinrich looking over his wife’s shoulder while she’s painting

Making sure the kids grow up in a supportive environment

Rahman Abdullah, father of three and carer of multiple family members
“Caring for my family is a privilege, but it leaves me very little time for myself.” When Rahman Abdullah says he wants his kids to feel supported and cared for, his eyes fill with pride and love. But juggling everyday family life with a full-time job is not always easy.
Family manager Rahman bringing his daughter to bed

Keeping the family happy while putting societal expectations on hold

Regina Gall, mother and carer of three young children
“Helping people close to you is a beautiful feeling.” In Regina’s home, there is no time for seasonal decoration or home-made cookies daily. But those things don’t matter when you put your family first.
Family manager Regina dressing her daughter
No matter what you do or why you do it: We at HARTMANN are supporting those who take care of multiple generations – while often putting themselves last. You’re making a real difference.
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