Mission:Prevention – Together against infections

We believe in a world with less infection. Today more than ever, deeper intervention and collaboration is needed to make a change to a growing societal problem. An invisible threat, the risks for infections to form are omnipresent in our daily lives and can lead to great implications.

It is one of our greatest challenges and greatest opportunities. Everyone can make a difference, and only together can we make a positive change.

That’s why HARTMANN has launched Mission:Prevention, a platform based on partnerships for more holistic, innovative solutions to prevent infections today and in the future.

Amongst the key efforts under Mission:Prevention is deeper collaboration with health care professionals to reduce hospital-acquired infections by radically increasing compliance. HARTMANN is also deepening its partnership with key industries – INSERT INDUSTRIES SUPPORTED BY MACH MIT! – to protect our communities.

“This mission starts at HARTMANN with our business units and our people dedicated to infection prevention joining forces for one shared goal,” says Gian Carlo Sciuchetti, Division Head of Disinfection. “We are bundling infection prevention products, services, as well as going deeper with digital solutions."

Mission Prevention Stories

Explore stories from patients, nurses, doctor and scientist about their daily effort for a world with less infections