The M: IP® Index 2021

The Mission: Infection Prevention (M: IP®) Index

Survey on the status quo of infection prevention in German hospitals

How much of a risk are healthcare-associated infections for German hospitals? How well are the nation’s health facilities prepared for possible outbreaks of infection? Where do vulnerabilities in infection prevention exist – and where is potential for optimization?

The first M: IP® Index provides answers to these questions!

Profound information to improve infection prevention

The M: IP® Index 2021 reveals that healthcare-associated infections will be one of the main risk factors for hospitals in Germany in the next 10 years. This means that hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities will continue to have to combat hospital-acquired germs in the future. In particular, compliance with hygiene measures and the identification of possible process gaps can be crucial factors in this battle.

The Mission: Infection Prevention (M: IP®) Index

With the M: IP® Index, our goal is to establish a long-term analysis of the status quo of infection prevention in German hospitals, making the results comparable and identifying trends and changes. To accomplish this, we will conduct an annual survey among medical staff in German hospitals from now on.

Data for action: The results at a glance

The M: IP® Index provides insights into the hygiene processes in German hospitals and reveals potential for optimization. The most important results of the M: IP® Index 2021 at a glance:
Infographic M: IP® Index 2021

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