hospital floor
Infection Warriors

On the frontlines of care

„Have you ever considered that working in a hospital isn’t all that different from being deployed in a warzone?“

Being a nurse is hard work - every day is a battle for the health and life of each one of your patients. What motivates the people that chose this job and what is the biggest difference compared to other professions?

Conflict, fear, and their greatest enemy: human resilience. Have you ever considered that working in a hospital isn’t all that different from working in a warzone? Photographer, Jo Müller, usually travels to conflict areas to capture humanity at its limits. His goal is to inspire empathy and respect for those sacrificing themselves for the greater good. In this series of photographs, he has transferred his approach to war photography to the setting of a hospital to achieve just that: Celebrate the healthcare professionals leaving it all on the battlefield as warriors against infection and disease.
Branislav Moravčík
"My job is very special. Its purpose is to help people and to be sensitive and self-sacrificing. This brings me self-fulfillment."
"The biggest motivation for me is...
… the positive perception of the care provided at
our ward from the side of our patients and their
family members. It represents a valuable
feedback for us and a confirmation that we
are doing our job well.

Compared to other professions, I see the
biggest difference in the fact that any mistake
made by a healthcare professional can lead to
fatal consequences. Therefore, the work of
a nurse belongs among the professions that
are associated with a great psychological burden."
healthcare professional

In healthcare facilities, patients are usually very vulnerable, with a compromised immune system and MRSA becoming an increasingly serious problem. So, what is a strategy to protect patients from infections? 

healthcare professionals

"Hands of the healthcare professionals represent the main vector of transfer of infection in the hospital environment."

Due to this the key is hygienic hand disinfection and use of personal protective devices. Our strategy of protecting patients from infections is based on adhering to the principles of barrier care, performing procedures in accordance with applicable SOPs, early introduction of an increased hygiene regime for patients with potentially dangerous bacterial strains and the use of appropriate protective equipment.

Their daily fight against infections makes the nurses real first-line warriors facing a common enemy. How important is the human factor and teamwork in preventing infections if you want patients to be safe? 

Sylvie Rolková
"Humans and teamwork are the most critical factor."

Responsibility of each healthcare professional in the area of prevention of healthcare-associated infections is the best form of protection of our patients.

Teamwork is extremely important in our profession, and this applies not only to the fight against infections. When preventing infections, it is necessary to strictly follow all the measures already mentioned, together with properly performed hand hygiene.

healthcare professional

Every good warrior needs a heart and a sword… What is the most important weapon in the fight against infections?

"Awareness and personal engagement of all healthcare professionals, ancillary and technical staff.
When providing nursing and medical care, the key is the properly performed hand disinfection by means of an alcoholic hand disinfectant. All staff are regularly trained in this area."
healthcare professional

Hands are an irreplaceable working tool in patient care. How difficult is it to keep hands in good condition?

"There is a huge impact on the skin of the hands, especially for nurses providing nursing care at the patient's bedside. 
My task, as a manager, is to provide quality devices to protect the hands of my staff."
healthcare professional

The difference between a war and hospital is that you can leave the hospital behind once the shift is over. This doesn’t make either situation less challenging. So, what does it take to have had a successful day at a hospital?

healthcare professional equipment

"Every day in the hospital is different and brings different situations that the healthcare professional has to deal with."

This is one of the reasons why a nurse's work is not stereotypical. Every day we experience a situation where we see that our work is important, that it makes sense. Then, almost every day, we can say that it was a good day!

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