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Basic information on the HARTMANN share

The HARTMANN equity is a registered unit share, i.e., the capital stock is sub-divided into shares with no nominal value and these are registered under the shareholder’s name. As of the beginning of 2003, the shares are held in collective custody accounts.

HARTMANN share no. 1
HARTMANN share no. 1


Performance Calculator

Dividend policy

The HARTMANN GROUP follows a dividend policy based on continuity. 

Performance of the HARTMANN share:

in EUR20152016201720182019
Year-end price430.00391.00415.00 292.00 282.00
Price performance112.00-39.0024.00 -123.00 -10.00
Dividend inflow6.506.707.00 7.00 7.00
Rise/fall in value 1)118.50-32.3031.00 -116.00 -3.00
Total return in % 2)37.3-7.57.9 -28.0 -1.0
 Dividend per share6.70 7.00 3)

1) Sum of dividend inflow and price performance
2) Based on the prior year-end price
3) According to the dividend proposal

ExchangeOpen Market of FWB, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Type of shareRegistred unit share held in collective safe custody
Capital stock

91,327,569.38 EUR

No. of shares3,572,424 units, of which 20,682 units are held as own shares
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