Kick Off - Automation Community

After Lunch Meeting  February 1st

Join us on our first get together!

The International Marketing Roll Out with Sitecore is in full effect. We are currently supporting BeNeLux in their transition to Sitecore, and multiple countries are already working with the platform.

If you’ve ever worked with Sitecore or any other CRM System, you know how many of the functionalities are generally not used, either out of time constraints or simply not knowing about them. We want you all to have the best experience possible and to at least know, and in the best case exhaust all possibilities you have with Sitecore.

For this, we think it’s important to have a regular exchange between all the participating countries, to learn and get inspired from each other.

All the different countries marketing teams got the same training, but what they are doing with the platform is vastly different. We think that all the countries could greatly benefit from a periodic exchange about their experiences with Sitecore, email campaigns and marketing automation.

That's why we want to create a community to motivate the regular exchange. Our idea is to have a meeting every two or three months, there the countries have the opportunity to talk about their own usage of Sitecore, and also listen to other's experiences.

The HARTMANN Automation Community could make information exchange much more easier, give inspiration to the members and could hopefully keep all of HARTMANN's digital campaigns fresh and exciting.

We propose a first, informal meeting to check how many of you would be interested in a community like that and talk about further steps. The first after lunch is set on February 1st at 13:00 (UTC +1) and will be held via Microsoft Teams.

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