"I need courage as soon as I walk out the door"

Philipp Bosshard as the ambassador for IFV HARTMANN’s wound symposium.
Four years ago, Philipp Bosshard barely survived an accident at work leaving 88 percent of his skin burned. Ever since that day, his life has changed a lot. But one thing remained: the courage to carry on each day.
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Building a bridge between disinfection practices around the world

Jan Schröder training healthcare worker on the use of hygiene gloves.
Jan Schröder teamed up with his HARTMANN colleagues to support a healthcare education project in Kenya. What he took away from this time: learning is very much a two-way street.
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Dubai: One woman’s journey through the gateway to the Middle East

Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai
What is it like working in the healthcare sector in the Middle East as a woman? We asked Cristina Popp, who is going further for HARTMANN in Dubai.
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Family Ties

Andreas Schumacher sitting with his grandparents on a couch
What started with his grandfather after the Second World War, continued Andreas Schumacher starting at HARTMANN in 1996. For him, the term “family business” has its own distinct meaning.
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Seminars and social media: improving wound care throughout China

A female and male nurse working with a tablet.
Hospitals and doctors can be few and far between in the vast Chinese countryside and the quality of medical attention inconsistent from hospital to hospital. A training program aims to change that by educating health workers about effective wound care.
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Joined forces: Improving Haiti’s difficult wound care situation

Chilean health care institute FINH and HARTMANN support healthcare professionals and patients in the Caribbean
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Incontinence: it’s time to break the silence

Millions of people live with urinary incontinence. One in five of us aged over 40 has the condition. Yet it remains a subject we don’t seem comfortable talking about; with many suffering in silence rather than asking for the help that’s out there. Isn’t it time to break one of the last remaining taboos in health?
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