The people behind HARTMANN: Christine Bloch

Christine Bloch
Going further for health. How a personal mission met a professional mantra.

Compliance: a challenge worth every effort

Daniel troncoso with his team
Hygiene compliance can be a tough challenge for clinics and healthcare professionals, but it’s worth the effort.

Nurture our nurses

Howard Catton smiling portrait
Nurses are more important to society today than ever. So we must do far more to reward, support and involve them, according to one of the most senior voices in the profession

The pit crew of the OR

For race car drivers, it’s the  “pit stop.” For an operating room (OR) team it’s the “change over”.
Just like Formula One racing, surgery and risk prevention are a team sport.

“Don’t forget us,” she said. How could I?

Cristina Sansalvador with kids
Cristina Sansalvador from Spain immersed herself in a week-long volunteering project at health centres in rural Kenya. Here she shares her story.

Incontinence: Breaking the taboo

Man in a blue t-shirt trying to do yoga with two women
It takes courage to admit to incontinence, but it can be a vital first step in getting the right treatment and returning to a normal life. So say a patient and a top urologist.

From bedside to business: tips (and tales) from a wound nurse

From bedsite to business
Bedside training is the best training. We cannot afford to distance ourselves from this fact.

Why we care about empathy

Jordi Guinovart presenting
How do you launch an international product as successfully in Austria as in Spain? Of course, market research is the starting point. But for HARTMANN the real secret is global-local marketing partnerships based on open dialogue and empathy

Ethics: our guiding principles

Middle Eastern businessman with colleagues at conference table.
If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. Business ethics is crucial in the healthcare sector and each individual has to take responsibility.

Same wound, different context, different needs

Happy family using digital healthcare
Everyone is susceptible to the potential hardship of a chronic wound. We must put more emphasis on each individual’s concerns to manage wounds more effectively.

Patients are taking over

Man in wheelchair playing basketball
Are patients taking over the professional roles of healthcare practitioners? More healthcare related information available online means more patient empowerment. How does this development affect the doctor-patient relationship?

Perspectives from Nepal

Picture of Nepalese man painted with traditional religious colours.
Even though the Nepalese culture, traditions and lifestyle differ a lot from Ralf Ledl’s own, he found a distinct similarity: the shared goal to live as well as possible.
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