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Turning pain into passion: How a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) changed my life

Elderly couple together smiling
Linda Proce’s disinfection career started in 2009. But her story begins much earlier.
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Don´t say a word…

Trainees Sina and Fynn showing a typical day.
What motivates and moves trainees at HARTMANN? We talked with two of them without saying a word.
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Why we care about empathy

Jordi Guinovart presenting
How do you launch an international product as successfully in Austria as in Spain? Of course, market research is the starting point. But for HARTMANN the real secret is global-local marketing partnerships based on open dialogue and empathy
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Education will reduce the impact of NCDs

Portrait of confident doctors consulting patient in hospital
Wealthier countries are, unsurprisingly, more capable of tackling NCDs: a gold-standard healthcare service helps a lot. But there are ways lower-income countries can improve healthcare; both the industry and individual governments have roles to play.
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Private nurse: head and hands for care

Private nurse
We are technicians. We work with our hands and our head with one single objective: our patient.
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The people behind HARTMANN: Christine Bloch

Christine Bloch
Going further for health. How a personal mission met a professional mantra.
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Leadership: A lonely road to legacy

Nurse holding hand of patient
At the HART of who we are lies an independent son and an entrepreneurial nurse. Together, they symbolise how we approach wound management, partnership, and the development of long-lasting solutions to improve patient care.
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From monastery to marketing – one man’s journey of the heart

Marcos Dreher standing in front of a helicopter.
Hard to believe that a former monk would be working as a market research manager. But that’s what Marcos Dreher did. This is his story.
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Incontinence: Breaking the taboo

Man in a blue t-shirt trying to do yoga with two women
It takes courage to admit to incontinence, but it can be a vital first step in getting the right treatment and returning to a normal life. So say a patient and a top urologist.
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Nurture our nurses

Howard Catton smiling portrait
Nurses are more important to society today than ever. So we must do far more to reward, support and involve them, according to one of the most senior voices in the profession
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The pit crew of the OR

For race car drivers, it’s the  “pit stop.” For an operating room (OR) team it’s the “change over”.
Just like Formula One racing, surgery and risk prevention are a team sport.
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Compliance: a challenge worth every effort

Daniel troncoso with his team
Hygiene compliance can be a tough challenge for clinics and healthcare professionals, but it’s worth the effort.
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