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Making a song and dance of hand hygiene

Niki Brandt teaching community in kenya cut
Fun-filled approach to training healthcare workers pays off during volunteering mission to Kenya
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How breast cancer turned my life upside down

Cassandra Cerecedo
After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, Cassandra Cerecedo had an epiphany: without your health, nothing matters! This is her story.
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The people behind HARTMANN: Njikoha Ebigbo

Njikoha Ebigbo
Why finding balance is the key to good business.
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“We all have barriers to overcome, one way or another.”

Toine Klerks and his team getting ready for the game.
In Paralympic sports, barriers aren’t necessarily visible. That’s why understanding your identity is key to know your limits. So says Toine Klerks, team manager of Dutch wheelchair basketball teams.
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The people behind HARTMANN: Yusuf Pence

Yusuf Pence
How did a daily stroll to school turn into a 15-year healthcare career?
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