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Making a song and dance of hand hygiene

Niki Brandt teaching community in kenya cut
Fun-filled approach to training healthcare workers pays off during volunteering mission to Kenya
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How breast cancer turned my life upside down

Cassandra Cerecedo
After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, Cassandra Cerecedo had an epiphany: without your health, nothing matters! This is her story.
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From monastery to marketing – one man’s journey of the heart

Marcos Dreher standing in front of a helicopter.
Hard to believe that a former monk would be working as a market research manager. But that’s what Marcos Dreher did. This is his story.
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The people behind HARTMANN: Yusuf Pence

Yusuf Pence
How did a daily stroll to school turn into a 15-year healthcare career?
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I am a nurse and I love my job. But I need these three things.

Profil picture of François Sterpione
French nurse François Sterpione knows what nurses need to keep up with demands of tomorrow. These are his three requests.
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