At the HART

One day in the OR: when every second counts

Emergency medical team operating patient on operation table.
When emergency medical teams tend to patients with multiple severe injuries, there is no room for trial and error. Instead timing, reliability and precision are key – not just for doctors and nurses but also for the tools and supplies they rely on.
At the HART

Leadership: A lonely road to legacy

Nurse holding hand of patient
At the HART of who we are lies an independent son and an entrepreneurial nurse. Together, they symbolise how we approach wound management, partnership, and the development of long-lasting solutions to improve patient care.
At the HART

The people behind HARTMANN: Njikoha Ebigbo

Njikoha Ebigbo
Why finding balance is the key to good business.
At the HART

Incontinence: Breaking the taboo

Man in a blue t-shirt trying to do yoga with two women
It takes courage to admit to incontinence, but it can be a vital first step in getting the right treatment and returning to a normal life. So say a patient and a top urologist.
At the HART

Don´t say a word…

Trainees Sina and Fynn showing a typical day
What motivates and moves trainees at HARTMANN? We talked with two of them without saying a word.
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