Personal Healthcare

Hypertension – what it is and how to manage it

Elderly man stretching
Managing and self-monitoring hypertension Why an active lifestyle, healthy nutrition and regular monitoring can help reduce arterial pressure caused by hypertension.
Wound Management

Management of chronic wounds

wound treatment on a leg
Recognising the early signs of chronic wounds from pressure ulcers, ulcers of the lower leg and diabetic food syndrome can improve the patient’s chances of healing. Discover the symptoms and influencing factors and find out how chronic wounds can be prevented and treated.
Wound Management

Faster wound healing

wound treatment on a foot
How the healthy three-phase wound healing process is disturbed in chronic wounds and why hydrotherapy products, that provide all the preconditions for the individual phases, are simplifying treatment for both patients and healthcare professionals
Incontinence Management

Enhancing efficacy of incontinence treatment in an ageing population.

A women, dressed in a nurse’s coat is taking care for an elderly woman
Our ageing population has resulted in a steady increase in patients suffering with bladder incontinence. Not only is this unpleasant for those affected, it has a direct impact on health economics. Patients, carers and healthcare professionals need to work together to manage the prevention and treatment of this societal disease.
Incontinence Management

Travelling with incontinence

An adult woman is standing outside with her mother; both are smiling happily.
A diagnosis of incontinence doesn’t automatically mean an end to travelling. With a bit of preparation, a carefully thought through plan and a few useful hints and tips, sufferers can continue to be independent and carry on enjoying a mobile life.
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