Incontinence Management

Loss of bladder control – the physical background (men and women)

A young woman and an old man are walking together in a park.
Bladder control weakness affects men and women of all ages. Caused mainly by muscle weakness, there are many different forms of the condition including stress incontinence - which predominantly affects women – and overflow incontinence, which is particularly common among elderly men.
Incontinence Management

Leading an active life with bladder weakness

Elderly couple walking by the sea
As urinary incontinence symptoms can be unpredictable and embarrassing, it can be hard for sufferers to lead an active life. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Discover self-help techniques and discrete products that could help patients manage their condition.

The spread of infectious diseases and the role of hygiene.

A doctor is preparing the surgery of a leg wound
With the number of infectious disease outbreaks, as well as the variety of diseases, increasing, there is a pressure on governments and healthcare professionals to respond. Even though many infectious diseases can be managed medically, it is of course better to prevent infections at the first place.

How one expert for hand and surface disinfection could improve patient safety?

Two hands putting on sterile gloves
Up to 30 per cent of all infections acquired in hospitals and other healthcare facilities could be avoided if greater hygiene compliance was achieved. A study shows that standardised operating procedures could significantly improve patient safety.