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When it comes to wound care, incontinence hygiene or infection protection, the international HARTMANN GROUP with its subsidiaries in more than 30 countries is most often the preferred partner of professionals in medicine and care. The brand name HARTMANN and the blue oval stand for established expertise, innovative products and a clear focus on our customers' needs.

We understand our business better than anyone else.
We simplify processes.
We operate for the benefit of patients.
We are thinking of tomorrow today.
We are passionately committed.
We focus on customers.
We are the helper of helpers.
We pass on our knowledge.
We contribute to medical progress.
We are committed to our tradition.

News archive

2014-12-03 HARTMANN wins Querdenker Award  
PAUL HARTMANN AG was given the Querdenker Award (award for unconventional thinking) in the “excellence“ category for its Medical Innovation Center, which was opened in July 2014 in the presence of Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe.

2014-11-09 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – HARTMANN was one of the first companies to provide donated supplies to the former GDR.  
A few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, HARTMANN participated in one of the first deliveries of donated supplies by the state of Baden-Württemberg to the former DGR.

2014-11-05 Program under the auspices of HARTMANN: Solar Energy for Health Centers in Africa  
Since the end of October 2014, HARTMANN has been the patron of a project run by the Stiftung Solarenergie (Solar Energy Foundation) based in Merzhausen, Germany. The foundation wants to provide solar lighting for 100 health centers in Ethiopia and Kenya, which lack refrigeration and lighting.

2014-11-05 Significant increase in EBIT and consolidated net income  
The HARTMANN GROUP continued its profitable growth in the first nine months of the current fiscal year.

2014-11-04 Aid supplies to combat Ebola in Liberia  
As part of an initiative by the German federal government to combat Ebola, PAUL HARTMANN AG supports health workers caring for Ebola patients with face masks and disposable surgical clothing.